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Don Lewis

Dear New Business Owners,

What if you could make money without selling anything?

All you had to do is to get a lead to take action, whether it be filling out a form, signing up on a list, a push notification, or taking a specific action.

This is what CPA is all about and CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

CPA isn’t new by any means and the CPA business can be tough for especially newbies.

Generating profit from CPA offers isn’t as simple as just pointing a traffic source towards any offer, running a Facebook ad campaign, etc.

In fact – it’s extremely hard unless you know what you’re doing.

The sad truth is that many ‘gurus’ oversell the dream of an easy business model.

Plus – you have to spend a good wad of cash until you find a winning campaign.

But what if there was an easier way?

Now – there is and this isn’t another b.s. business model.

This is an evolution in the CPA market and it’s what we call Smart CPA offers.

They convert really well – even if you are shiny new to CPA marketing.


 The CPA Network Income

A list of this 8-part video series:

Vid - 1 - Intro in to the World of  Cost Per Action

Like we said earlier, this is not a get rich quick business.  Like any business model, this takes a lot of hard work.  You will learn the honest truth and what steps you need to take to get there, and what you need to get started.
Vid - 2 - The Good and Not so Good

The purpose of this video is to reveal to you why this industry can sometimes get a bad name.  What CPA companies may or may not do to you.

Vid - 3 -  Its all about protecting YOU

"the Newbie guy"

Like we discussed previously, there are bad CPA networks,  But,  there are also many good ones as well.  So how can you know you if you are driving leads for a good CPA network?  In other words, one that will pay you and on time?
Vid - 4 - How to give your approval  a boosting

Getting into CPA networks isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3 – especially if you are a newbie.  To best understand how to get accepted into the top CPA networks, you need to understand what they are looking for and most importantly – what they are NOT looking for.
Vid - 5 - Evolution of CPA

This video will show you the roadblocks when it comes to finding high converting offers – especially for [YOU-newbie guys] and how you can take an easier route that is beginning to become popular.  This video begins the journey to finding ‘Smart CPA’ offers that are easier to convert.

Vid - 6 - CPA Networks That Buy Your Traffic

This is a little different from a ‘Smart Offer’ – but another revenue source that is super easy for newbies to get started with – TODAY!.

Vid - 7 - Inxepensive Traffic Sources

There are many different traffic sources that you can use.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of different paths.  Some people recommend Facebook ads, but... that is one of the hardest routes "WHY"... because you'll need complex funnels to convert that type of traffic...and there are other traffic sources we’ll discuss.

Vid - 8 - Pop Ads Traffic Source

To help you get started, we will be using Pop Ads as our traffic source.  You can use other pop sources like Pop cash, but we like Pop Ads more.
In order for this to work – you will need to have access to the CPA network with a ‘Smart CPA’ offer we discussed earlier.

Grab this video course and learn how to profit from Smart CPA offers.
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To Your Future SUCCESS

Don Lewis

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