Is your traffic real or bot?

Yes the traffic is real and easy to track with tracking software. Check out free tracking HERE.

How soon will I start to see my website traffic?

Within 24HRS after your website campaign purchase.

What is the extent of a completed campaign?

That depends on the amount of visitors you have purchased. All campaigns can be completed in 60 days.

What is a hit and a visit-are they not the same?

No there is a difference. A visit is a high quality visitor. A hit is generated when a web page loads. A visit can actually generate a series of hits.

Do you allow any type of content?

No, we do not allow racially discriminating, violence or the promoting of illegal activities, porn or gambling sites.

What type of refund do you offer if I don’t get any sales from your traffic?

We don’t offer a refund and we certainly don’t guarantee that you’ll make any sales. What we do guarantee is that your order will be full filled to the highest of quality traffic directed to your website consistent to the order you have purchased.